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300 Packers required for TESCO £ 9.32 - £ 11.67 ONGOING WORK
Abstract Recruitment 9 reviews - Milton Keynes
£9.32 - £11.67 an hour
Tesco Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes require high volume of warehouse operatives.
We are guaranteed to provide our staff with a minimum of 4
I'll start, everyone else can pile on >:D

1)We hate the way you decide to stop in the middle of an aisle and chat to your friend(s), expecting the staff and other customers to move around you and your trollies. Space is at a premium at the best of times without you clutteri

26 Oct 2016 - Backbone Of The Company

It has always been said that the Night team are the backbone of the company
What happens if you remove a backbone?
The company crumbles.

25 Oct 2016 - Insurance

Hi all. As a single guy living on his own I've been considering getting some kind of health/illness insurance in the event of me being unable to work, in order to pay the rent etc...

I've had a scan around the internet and Tesco are doing a good staff deal with 20% for staff and
Tesco has plummeted to new depths! If I had not seen the letter I would have not believed it. My colleague was given a letter by the day manager telling him he was wasting time by speaking to Customers!!! At the very least I told him to put in a grievance but surely this deserves something more. Any
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