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19 Feb 2020 - My workplace sucks

I've been working at Tesco for one year (started in February 2019) and I find it horrible and I feel so miserable. I work in an Express store and my biggest problem is the management. My line manager just doesn't care about the store and the staff, unless you're part of a small clique. I feel like I...

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Does anyone have any experience of 2 people on a very small department being in a couple. I have 2 people who are a couple and have a family, one full time and one part time. Is it reasonable for them both to ask to have the same day off every week ? Also just any advice on how best to manage it.

18 Feb 2020 - Forced to be flexi

Can a manager force a part time flexi team support to be available Monday to Saturday 6am-11pm plus Sunday. Basically want to not be flexi on 1day and being told have to because am team support, surely 6 of the 7 is more than enough ?

14 Feb 2020 - Abuse

Is it just me, or is the amount of abuse we're having to put up with now getting a little silly?

I'm a team manager, and I've spent my day (my entire 8 hour shift as duty manager) getting abuse from customers and backing colleagues up where they've been threatened. One colleague was racia...

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13 Feb 2020 - Depression

There is a member of staff in our store who posted on his own Facebook page that he was going to take his life at home, picture included a vast quantity of different pills. He has been told its gross misconduct to post stuff like that. Ie. It impacts other members of staff to carry out their jobs...

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