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Do You Know..

With few exceptions retail staff can opt out of working on a Sunday

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Today at 01:23 PM - MOVED: Duracell/optout

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26 May 2017 - Pay cut off

Hi, can someone please tell me the cut off date/day for hourly paid please. I know next Friday is payday just want to clarify what dates I will be paid from and till to check my wages. I'm on nights not sure if that matters or if you get paid for part night before midnight. Thanks in advance&nb

23 May 2017 - Question of theft

This is a hypothetical question if you get my drift  ;)

If one is accused of theft, does one have rights to insist the police be called in to investigate, rather than have the kangaroo court of the inept SM sack you, blackening your family good name and losing your income into the ba

23 May 2017 - Social Media

Comments welcomed regarding investigation for historical social media posts that occurred and were many years prior to employment with the company.

22 May 2017 - Tribunal claim

Hi everyone,

I'm desperately seeking advice. I've had a grievance on-going at Tosco and went through that and the appeals process. Grievance has been not upheld. Union were backing me all the way until the appeal decline and I asked to apply to their lawyers for tribunal assista
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