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Do You Know..

a change to contracts and/or hours worked should follow certain procedures with time scales.

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I think when this pandemic is over, and things start going back to some sort of normality, the companies that have been profiteering should be named and shamed...

Reading reports of how the prices for PPE from suppliers have been rising is criminal in my opinion. If they have supplies,...

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27 Mar 2020 - Resit test

Anyone know if there is any written rule where a driver would need to resit there test if they haven't done a driving shift for a period of time? Whether it's a contracted driver or a multi-skilled employee? In our store it's a month! So currently there are drivers off for 3months self isolating.....

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Hello.  Four weeks ago today, I pinned up a holiday request form on our staff notice board for my manager to look at upon her return from her holidays, which would have been three days later.  Just over a week later, I had a week off and upon my return I reminded her about the form.  She replied, ra...

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Hi there, quick question. With redundancy looming would it be allowed if I were to take on a second job within a different supermarket on a Flexi contract in order to secure employment when/if redundancy is actioned?

17 Mar 2020 - Lightfoot

Hey Guys

I noticed someone put a note in the dot.com department saying that the vans are going to be fitted with a new device called a Lightfoot. Big brother is watching?! We haven't any meetings about this or what it does. Looking at the Lightfoot website... It looks like it a live GPS t...

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