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if an employee tasted some ham cut off of bone because she suspected it not satisfactory for customer standard before putting it out for sale.newly appointed  manager instigation a disciplinary meeting.  would you consider this justified? and why?
Can someone clarify whether management can review CCTV for purpose of completing an in store colleague injury but then finds employee and other counter employees not fully following minor health and safety procedures (forgetting to putting apron back on, not washing hands as per training manual, for

Today at 12:06 PM - Who should be contacted?

What would you do if you knew that money was being diverted from the company and what was the process?

25 Mar 2019 - How much notice

Is it true if you get your hours changed there is no 28 days notice and a week for every year now only 30 days notice ? Cheers.
As the consultation meetings draw near, what do people think should be clarified during these meetings with regard to the heat map and T&C's etc....

One that has been mentioned to me by a neighbouring store colleague, is that their store still does an hour rumble, and two one hou
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