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Do You Know..

you should NOT move pallets without safety shoes on.

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08 Nov 2019 - Reasonable Adjustments!

Hi I'm new on here so apologies if this topic has already been covered. I have a long term medical condition that in recent years while working at tesco has deteriorate and as such am now disabled.  I have reasonable adjustments in place following an OH report and an Adjustment Passport.&n

08 Nov 2019 - It's six months deadline

Well there you have it, this weekend marks six months from the May cull, and what do I see on the Tesco website ??? Stock control vacancies in my old store, all pretty much the hours we did, but Sunday's added, and split into 16 hour contracts over three or four days :-X
Do all our sites make provision at 11am for this to be observed by those staff and customers who wish to do so?

Fortunately, as a dot.com driver I can pull over in a quiet layby to pay my own respects.
Manager trying to force a non flexi worker to change their shifts from hours they normally do to other hours which the employee doesn't want to do, Hours the employee normally does are at times over the festive when the shop is being closed, ie new years eve, xmas eve etc. Employee wants to jus

07 Nov 2019 - Tesco.com email

Hi guys. I’m new to the Csd and am having trouble accessing the F11 system. Can anybody tell me how I find out my @Tesco.com email address? Nobody in store seems to know how to get me set up and it’s causing problems when I’m on shift alone and can’t access important functions.

Thank you
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