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Do You Know..

in forum Announcements there are over 100 abbreviations listed that are used within the company.

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The things that managers say are reasonable alternatives during the redundancy process is really bugging me, so, here are a few that are not reasonable alternatives; (unless YOU accept that they are reasonable in your circumstances).

nights to days
days to nights
days to twiligh
One of our big customers uses a third party distributor which delivers to them using the half sized trays you see in the produce department. These trays are labelled Tesco, there is no argument there. The problem I have is that the third party distributor never collects them and returns them to wher

20 Feb 2019 - Holiday mixup?


I was informed that I had holidays left to take before the end of March. I already had a week booked off, so these additional holidays were just put on the end of my original week off. I double checked whether this was right, but was told that I 100% had additional holidays that neede
Looking for some advice on Tesco redundancy Pay and when I will receive it.

I was made redundant last week Tuesday after 20+ years of service, with Tuesday being my last day of employment.

The signed redundancy papers I have do not indicate when the redundancy money will be pa

18 Feb 2019 - date embedded barcodes

how will the customer know that a product has been reduced if there's no sticker on it :question:

also according to a recent checkouts briefing. they're crashing self scan terminals if a deb product is voided & I mean a proper blue screen of death crash.
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