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I have been off work sick for 6 weeks now following a surgery, I am due to return to work tomorrow (Sunday), during my time off I have received no communication at all. I provided them with a new availability form before I went off sick as per their request, complete with a list of departments I wou

26 May 2018 - Lets talk forms

Is it right that when you request a 'let's talk' form from another manager for filling in and then handing to your own manager they can refuse to give you the form.
When does sunday premium go down to time and a quarter? And if I were to be leaving the company... when would I have to work until to make sure I get my payout for losing my current Sunday pay.

Does anyone know when I get my pay out? My store STILL have not given me a brief on it... I on

25 May 2018 - holiday requests

Forms either not being returned at all or when they are (rarely) the bottom section isn't being completed nor is any of it being signed by the manager receiving it. Also if returned usually will just have ambiguous comments such as "Fully booked", which could be taken two ways, either
Since there has been a lot of discounts discontinued across the board, and the fact that tesco direct is going to close, no more discounts on alcohol, I've been doing my local shop at other stores, co-op, aldi etc , and now come to the conclusion there isn't much to be gained, the staff di
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