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Does anyone know what time the colleague shop 100% discount kicks in at the tills. I seem to have it a bit hit and miss. I’ve purchased between 2130 to 2225pm   - thanks.

21 Oct 2019 - Data protection act

I think it has been breached in my case. What is my recourse as I’m a usdaw member?

As I understand it i cannot share data about other staff without their consent. Especially to third parties (not the police or any other legal authority) - my response is that I cannot share that informat
At the moment our throughput is below target, and before giving any of my staff warnings I would really love to know how throughput is calculated. Is there a formula?

I think it’s a bit unfair penalising staff based on a figure generated by a computer that no one can explain to me?
I'll try and make this as brief as possible. I only work 3 days a a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I've been off sick since last Thursday with the worst flu I think i've ever had (so 3 work days so far) I am definitely starting to feel better, but not 100% sure if i'll be ab
Hi, I heard a driver was told in no uncertain terms to deliver to floors in double figures (2 of them one after another) when the lifts weren't working (high rise flats the type with 14 floors).

I would have thought this would carry an unacceptable risk to the driver of over strainin
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