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Do You Know..

a change to contracts and/or hours worked should follow certain procedures with time scales.

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Has anyone ever recorded a meeting, dictaphones one or other in order to take notes later, and does anyone know for a fact what can be done if you were told you couldn't, is what reason was given that you can't. Asking as I know a lot of meetings get held without proper notes being taken b

13 Dec 2019 - Time off. Paid or not?

I'm due to have a steroid injection in my hip joint soon, probably need a few days off. Seeing as it's a planned procedure,do I get paid from day one or do I have to wait the three days? I've been employed since 2012

13 Dec 2019 - Smoke breaks

Hi all even though i do like to have a good whinge against tesco and some of its practises, i find myself in a bit of a life dilema with the simple fact of i have no fucking clue what career i want so have taken a gap year while i try decide. I was speaking to my manager at break and they suggested

04 Dec 2019 - New van camera's

Svt-a6320 is the model number on the camera sitting on the dashboard, can't find anything on line about them, anybody on here know much about the capabilities, is remote access, collision detection, speed checking etc ?
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