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Today at 06:07 PM - High flats lifts broken - safety

Hi, I heard a driver was told in no uncertain terms to deliver to floors in double figures (2 of them one after another) when the lifts weren't working (high rise flats the type with 14 floors).

I would have thought this would carry an unacceptable risk to the driver of over strainin
Hey All :)

Pretty straightforward Q:

I'm p/t (4 days a week) and have a regular holiday allowance of 17 days + 6 bank hols.

I've earned 3 bank hols, but as both the xmas and new year bank hols fall on my non-working days, I cannot see how I will earn the re
For discussion, has everyone ever known managers to be randomly staff searched and not just shop floor staff, I've never seen it and yet staff searches to my knowledge are meant to be random and fair.

Secondly I know someone who was in a store and saw £200 worth of merchandise go rig

08 Oct 2019 - query about wages

whats the procedure for a query with wages, if youve gone through your line manager and hes not been forthcoming with any help! I can't contact the general manager as hes off on hols for the week and i dont have any phone number for payroll.. is there one?

08 Oct 2019 - New club card

Just read tesco are going to have a new clubcard scheme,  you pay £7.99 a month and in return you get 10% discount of your shop plus other perks like double data on your phone ,I wonder if we are allowed to have it as staff members ,because one shop and you have your money back
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