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Today at 12:45 AM - Holiday Pay

Hey, so I'm a bit confused looking at my payslip. I have last weekend and this upcoming weekend booked off as holidays, (21/22 - 29/30).
I thought this would mean my payslip would show these two weekends as holiday pay, but looking at it it's only showing basic pay? Is this right and
Hi everyone, I worked with the company for around 5 years, leaving for a year for personal reasons, stupidly actually leaving instead of taking a career break. I am currently applying to come back and have applied to a local express and have been called in for interview and it all seems pretty posit

25 Jun 2019 - Interview in store

              Can anybody confirm who conducts interviews within store, as in my store I'm hearing rumours that a standard GA has been doing them as they are seen as a trusted person by management. Surely this can't be right can it and if

I'm a new starter on a part-time flexi contract for 20 core hours. In order to pay my bills I need to be full time so I put down 36.5 hours on my availability form. I'm quite worried that I won't get to 36.5 hours so would like to know what is the policy for new starter

22 Jun 2019 - Holidays

Another issue, sorry.  I don't know if it's just our store or Tesco company policy but we have been told that only one person from the department can be off at any one time.  Now there are twelve of us on our department and we can't all work round each other.  It is cau
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