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Lists of stores to close, not open.

Do You Know..

if people can not change shifts, then they should be paid for hospital appointments.

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Today at 04:42 PM - GA Pay Grades

Which GA's get payed grade D, E & F?

Are they for those on older contracts?

Today at 11:43 AM - What matters to me (how part 1)

What Matters To Me, on what device and in who's time did you complete it, why ? (if you have)

28 Feb 2015 - Holiday Error


I wonder if anyone can help on this one.

As you may be aware you have to book sometimes over a year in advance for your holidays at TESCO.

I did this at my store but I was given a different week off to the one I wanted.

This was OK so I have made arrang
Is your heart still in your job,or do you just feel used and abused by the company ?.
Together we are building an environment where we can have honest dialogue and continue to support each other on our journey to rebuild trust and pride in Tesco.

Really?  Does anyone really fall for this line anymore?
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