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27 Nov 2014 - Worth an appeal?

At a store I know, a member of staff has been dismissed for gross misconduct- they stupidly used a coupon left behind by a customer against their own shopping. At the investigatory meeting they admitted using it and also admitted having done the same thing a couple of times over the previous few mon
Team Leader could also discuss the sales, shrink, waste etc within the department. Quoted by Miss Piggy

Could someone elaborate on the this that was quoted by Miss Piggy or herself "Sales" Is this to do with the shop sales or sales Figures?????

Thank you..  ;D

23 Nov 2014 - Dotcom Picker. Footwear.

For the past Seven years i have wore black trainers with no patterns. Recently we got a new Manager whom is VERY strict with presentation rules.

I am lost onto what my options to wear are, surely plain shoes are not my only choice. Would I be allowed Boots, Steel toe caps as a picker?
Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.

It came to my attention today that a trailer was 'found' in the yard at Didcot DC, which was full of fresh and frozen stock destined for Newbury store, but somehow had been forgotten about for a whole WEEK! The trailer had run out of die

22 Nov 2014 - Breaks and the Law


Could someone please enlighten me regarding the 4 hour (3.75) rule that an employee must have a break within this time limit.

 I was told that this was the case by the stores Health and Safety co-ordinator on one occasion, but when in a debate with my line manager in relati
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