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Do You Know..

anyone employed before 3rd July 2005 cannot be forced to be till trained.

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Today at 12:21 AM - Void amount

In the VLH job descriptions, the one for the self serve attendant talks about voiding off individual items before voiding the transaction to keep the void amount down. Is/how is this measured and why? It rang a bell when I read it as people in my store do the same thing, but I have never been told n

03 Aug 2015 - Job satisfaction ?

NOT including level of pay how does your work leave you feeling ?

Do you feel you've been able to do a good job, are you given the tools or time to do a good job for your self/colleagues and customers ?

02 Aug 2015 - Till lift prompt

Can anyone confirm if the CSD is exempt from having to perform a till lift when the assistance prompt is displayed, preferably providing links to any documentation confirming either way. Many thanks in advance.
hi. At weekends when we start our shift (night shift) all of the delivery has been spotted on the floor.  having a bad back i find packing out this way painful, always thought the training was cage to blue top and pack out from it.  Union rep told me this too but manager said this is wrong

01 Aug 2015 - "Pressure" Cooker

With the following sad news in mind:

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