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04 Jul 2015 - Hi all!!

Hi everyone! As some of you will remember, I left the big hoose on 8th May. I just wondered what life is like a few months down the line? Reading a few posts, doesn't seem to get any better!
Don't want to rub it in, but 3 weeks into my new job and loving life at the minute! We moved h

03 Jul 2015 - ISB labels

Anyone else noticed that the new labels on ISB products don't scan very well? I've seen several customers on scan as you shop struggling with them as have I when doing bakery count and also when doing O/T on checkout.

02 Jul 2015 - Do All Managers Lie ?

Or is it just my store ?
I have been told it is O.K. to pull multiple cages after 10 pm ( 24 hour store). I have been told that you do not need soap/hand washing facilities in food prep areas . I have been told that chilled foods can be four hours out of cold chain . I have been told that only

01 Jul 2015 - 20% off? It's outrages

who's idea was it to give staff 20% off next week while I'm away on holiday  :question:
when will I be returning home :question: when will I be restocking my fridge :question:
the day after it ends of course >:(

01 Jul 2015 - End of fuel save

Having now been informed fuel save will end in September does anyone think as I do that will be returned to single manning?
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