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Any news on the content of the announcement coming on the 5th of September? :-X Rumors are flying around at the moment.

Today at 03:55 PM - Absence on flexi contract

Currently on a written warning for absence levels, contracted 2 days a week.  Had to phone in sick today, but its not actually my contracted day, will it still trigger another AR meeting and count towards sickness percentage? Pretty sure my manager said before it was only contracted days that c

26 Aug 2016 - Reasonable request

I believe our dept manager will soon ask one, or more, of us GAs to do a task that has never been our responsibility before. (It's been mentioned casually, getting us used to the idea.)

How would we know if it is a reasonable request or if it is something the manager should (continue

26 Aug 2016 - The Mystery Rep

Here's an interesting little tale for you all.

I do a lot of the stock admin stuff in my shop, which is an Express, and as sometimes happens I discovered some old files in the bin. Being nosy, I had a flick through them and discovered something very interesting...

I had b
Apologies if this is the most silly topic ever started.
I recently got a job on a department in my local Tesco Extra, but haven't been given any guidance on what I'm meant to be doing/what my role is. For instance, nobody has said when you start your shift you need to do this, then t
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