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Today at 04:50 PM - New starter.

Hi i worked for 6 months as temp up until after Christmas then they let me go Tesco , Just this last week got a job at nights temp 3 days a week today i get a call from another Tesco which gave me a time to come to interview next week the job i had applied for before i got the night job last week is

Today at 09:35 AM - Double discount week

Normally we have a double discount week at some point midway through the year, does anyone know if and when we're having one this year

04 May 2016 - Lifestyle Break

My Manager once told a GA that he had cancelled her holiday booked for the following week as she had used up her entitlement, the GA trusted him but found out later that it was completely untrue, even if it was true she had a holiday booked for later in the year which could have been cancelled, two

03 May 2016 - Which union ?

Given a, hypothetical in some cases, choice which union would you choose to represent you, and why  :question:

If "Other" which other, and why  :question:

If "None" why do you want to return to the stone age  :question:  :o  :)

02 May 2016 - Stock checker

Did anyone notice the in store stock checker added to Tesco Direct a few weeks ago.
Incidentally it's a PITA when a customer shows it to you on their phone as their is no EAN or TPN!

I thought it would be to run alongside the existing Direct operation, HOWEVER it lists the direc
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