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Today at 11:19 AM - Is DD taking the right decisions.

Is Drastic taking the right decisions ?

Is he all right, all wrong, taking a middle path ?

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31 Jan 2015 - Internal vacancy

Hi. Any1 know if being on a live conduct warning can deduct points or stop you applying for internal vacancies? I thought last year things changed and live conduct warnings could not be used or counted when applying internal
Hi, is it true that T*sco has approx 350.000 employees in the UK and that of that amount a little more than half are union members. if a few of us ditch the union and it brings the amount of members to less than half the workforce, would T*sco recognise USDAW, would they have to negotiate ( I know,

30 Jan 2015 - Ask Drastic Dave

In light of everything that has happened since Drastic Dave took the helm, what question(s) would you like to ask our Dictator CEO?

I currently work nights 4 days a week. Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat. my shifts start at 10om and finish at 7am.

 As a guy in my mid 20s the Saturday night shift has severely impacted my social life and last year I have had to start taking anti depressants. So obviously I have tried to negotiate ch
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