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Now then, in the past when I was a rep, I often rang Tesco support for advice, and it was always given.

After numerous attempts to contact my AO or anyone in my area office to ask a question, I was told someone would get back to me??

Yes well, after about a week of no response
Dur to there no longer being a night fill on Non food Told non food stock control has to loose 33 hours. Yes routines are changing. Has any others been told got to loose hours and exactly what is happening. Do not seem to be able to get a straight answer.

28 Sep 2016 - pi changes

pi staff were taken in the office last night to be told that the way the labels, pv-ing and hours are changing. There are 4 people on the dept, and they were told that from the 7th Nov that a member of staff needs to go on days, they have to decide between themselves which one it will be.

27 Sep 2016 - how low can we go

iv heard it all now, our night shift has been scrapped, a few took redundancy the rest are disgusted with their new hours, but have little choice as they need a job. last friday they had to gall to put recruitment leaflets for dot com in our payslips then last night one idiot manager asked a member
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