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01 Oct 2014 - contracts

.Hi all,looking for advice please,in April this year,i asked for a change in my hours from full time to part time= from 7.50 hours to 3.75 hours per day,same shift pattern/same days rota,to allow me to build up my fitness after illness,with the intent of going back to normal hours in the near future

01 Oct 2014 - Shoddy Management

It has been informed that holidays for next year are now been booked.  I put mine in April 1st this year 1 minute past midnight.  The manager has never acknowledged my forms although he has signed my copies which i have in a file at home.  Now being told 6 months down the line that th

01 Oct 2014 - Disassemble !

Should company be split into parts ?

If no, why not ?
If yes, why ?


If split up, or not, should some parts be sold off or made independent companies ?

01 Oct 2014 - Back to the floor

Tesco Boss Orders HQ Staff Back To The Floor

 Sky News has learnt that Dave Lewis emailed staff at Tesco's headquarters and other corporate offices on Tuesday to inform them about an initiative that will include the company's top executives.

The programme, called 
Hi all new here. First post. Tried the search feature to see if I could find anything but can't, so here it goes. I work in a metro store and myself and a number of colleagues are concerned A for our safety and B why the hell should the managers get a lie in.

Currently (last month o
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