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29 Jun 2016 - Targets in Pharmacy

I need clarification on if this is right. I am a dispenser  in pharmacy and we are constantly under pressure to get customers to sign up for our services. We have now been given a weekly target and we have to sign each week to confirm our target. There is no extra incentives for us, just credit
I keep hearing stories about management quoting "not fulfilling their contract" as a reason to discipline colleagues in up to three stores local to me lately? In a what seems, one size fits all!
Has the SYA changed that drastically??

I was appalled today to hear that a nea

29 Jun 2016 - Double discount.

Has anyone else heard about double discount staring next Monday ?  My manager told me this morning it came down on the emails.  Why can't they give us at least a weeks notice?  I'll have a look on ourtesco and see if I see anything. 

27 Jun 2016 - A union response


This was given to me by a mate, I have removed any names and identifiying information pending them giving me permission to pass this on.

I repeat my mate has not given their permission to me to put this on-line. but has shown this to numerous people.

I work on the counters and my store is currently going through ideal schedules.
The heat map has moved me to a different counter and is suggesting I need to finish 2 and a half hours later each shift which does not work for me.
I have recently discovered that they have externally hired ne
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