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Are there any merchandisers out there? If so what do you do if you re merch something and then the night fill team come in and move it all around like for instance the cheese move me and my manager did last night? Is it worthy to put in an official grievance? Had 6 hours worth of work go down the dr

23 Oct 2016 - personal day

Has anyone been able to book their personal day before leaving through redundancy, I've been told I cant and have to use holiday instead. thanks.
Hi there, I had what was meant to be my final consultation meeting the other day, I had selected my hours (18 from my current 22.5). I expressed the want for additional hours and today was informed I would be able to take these on, bringing me up to 24, up until this point I had not been given a fig

22 Oct 2016 - Contracts

Hi, I have refused to sign my last updated contract since we got a pay rise and lost our Double time, as like many I don't agree with it and feel by signing the latest contract that I would be agreeing to what tesco has done . My mangers has told me today that it is a legal requirement to sign

22 Oct 2016 - November Announcement.

I wondered when this rumoured announcement is going to be made. Beginning or middle or end of November. Or is it just the changes to SYA which I believe is being explained to colleagues this week
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