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24 May 2015 - Illness

I know someone who works on the CSD and they were saying that they had a customer complaining that the person who served them on the till had a cold and should 'clearly' not be working. I know if you work on the deli etc and have food poisoning or similar you get moved to somewhere else, b
Was leaving work tonight and crossed one of our security guards in the corridor, he's a big lad and likes to be a bit rough with folk from time to time.

On this occasion he decides to single me out, grab me in a headlock and have me flailing about like a fish on a line for a good th

22 May 2015 - Prolonged absence

I've currently been absent from work for just over 4 weeks. When does the prolonged absence process start where they arrange meetings with you and personnel on how to support you back to work/home visits etc. that sort of thing?


22 May 2015 - Split Departments

Currently I'm a GA with 11 hours contracted on Checkouts.

If I were to take a vacancy in store with Tech Advice would i still be able to keep my hours on Checkouts as they don't clash?
Do you find your Rep to be helpful or not, Knowledgable or not?

Do you come to this forum first when you have an issue or do you go to your Rep first. Why??
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