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I just finished my degree and I'm in the process of finding a new job.  I realised 2/3 of the way through I probably should have done ICT, so I'm hoping to get a place on an apprenticeship.  You work 4 days, go to college 1 day and get paid a full wage (though n

08 Dec 2016 - Click and collect pods

Who else works in the grocery click and collect pods and had the opening hours changed for Christmas week? Busiest time of the year and Tosco take 4 hours of each days its open (mon to fri). What logic is there to it?

08 Dec 2016 - Last weekly Van Check

My one was about 4 months ago in keeping with the other drivers. We get sent out at quarter past the hour and return at quarter to the hour or if's a pm run we get sent out at quarter past the hour and get back at half past the hour to unload, do log books, refuel and load for the evening run.

07 Dec 2016 - xmas working

At my store night shift manager is doing night shift rotas for xmas working. They are are trying to harass people to work over xmas period. i work part-time and not contracted to work on any of the days that they want, but they still persist in trying to pressure me in to signing up on a sheet of pa

04 Dec 2016 - Checkouts

Just wondering, if you get asked to go onto checkouts ie get till trained... Legally can you be forced to?
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