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Hi my final maternity pay is April 2015 so I am going back to work april 21st. My store has very little knowledge of what happens now, I have sorted my hours etc but all my pay has been handled by maternity and I am worried I won't get paid in May when I return. Is there anything I can do to re
So I am signed off as a night manager but hadn't been appointed due to the structure change and my original store transferred me over to my new stores books but without my permission and now priority has given my job to an affected manager and there are no vacancies anywhere for me. I am being

29 Mar 2015 - Is this Redundancy Fair?

I've been speaking with a friend who is being made redundant as part of this process. He was a Produce Manager but in his store the Produce and Fresh departments are combining and the Fresh Manager has more experience and was therefore matched into the role. So far so good, however for the last

29 Mar 2015 - Christmas 2016

Sorry to bring this question up , but having to submit my holidays up till april 2017 I was wondering how Christmas 2016 was going to plan out because Christmas day falls on a sunday. I know we have had one of these before but i cant remember what happened. Thank you.

28 Mar 2015 - selling shares

hi, i have shares from 2013 and 2014 but it's all locked in.

anyone able to tell me when i could sell them?
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