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27 May 2016 - Saturday Contract

Good evening.

I have recently passed an interview for a change of department within store. I was informed that the hours I would be doing did not include Sat*rday hours. (I am currently contracted to a Sat*rday. Once I was informed of my success, I completed the request to change departme
Time to test the water, on behalf of a fellow member


26 May 2016 - Blind Faith?

I just wonder statistically speaking what percentage of companies recover from such contraction and share price shrinkage and regain the lost ground? It seems to me that very few actually manage it but naturally I could be wrong.

Just seems that people are willing to back a loser, which

24 May 2016 - USDAW fee increase

At the recent ADM

"Delegates agreed to a small 2p increase in contributions taking Scale A to £2.34 a week and Scale C to £1.47."

source; Arena Summer 2016

Discuss :-X
Does anyone know if drivers who are silver trained to allow them to change light bulbs etc on the vans get any extra pay for this extra responsibility?  Up to now in our store it has only been the managers and /or team leaders who have been silver trained so was wondering what the situation was
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