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29 Aug 2014 - Range changes

Having left the company I really don't have much contact with what's going on but I wondered if the rules that used to apply to ranging have become a self fulfilling loop.

I used to work for one store manager who didn't care about ranging percentages and didn't want an

First off, howdy!  :) I'm new to these forums (and new to Tesco!) and this seems like a really good place to be to get clued up about things.

**sorry this is a bit long!**

Right, as for my questions:
1. I know all Tesco employees are put on a part-time co

28 Aug 2014 - Store refit

Hi my store is about to get. Refit and I was wondering in anybody here has gone though one and what dose it  entail  eg did the store shut. Staff move hours

28 Aug 2014 - Return to work

Returning from sick and doctor has put me on a phased return, altered hours due to a serious illness.

I have been informed they look over the last 52 weeks not 26 weeks as of my understanding is this correct? 

I am also having to use holiday as part of my phased return i

28 Aug 2014 - Mobile Reach Devices

So, they have started putting sim cards into the reach devices, so that customers are kept updated throughout the entire run on how late there delivery is going to be, our store has started with the sim cards, needing to scan the "leaving" barcodes before they leave for the store. What do
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