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24 Mar 2017 - Welham Green's Last Day.

Good luck to all the fellow inmates/patients at WG for the future.

24 Mar 2017 - Express or large format?

I know this may be a touchy subject right now with the loss of DMs and speculation about shift leaders being introduced  to large format.

I am looking to develop in Tesco. I currently work almost full time in a large store. I am wondering whether to apply for shift leader, or remain

23 Mar 2017 - Barlborough DC !!!

Just 4 weeks to go before it finally shuts on the 21st April (definitely this time) !!

Many of us leave tomorrow, about 90 inc managers, sad day for us who have been there for years.........

Good luck in the future to everyone ......
So I work in an extra that still has night fill but we have been told that the easter bank holiday friday and monday have now been changed to a saturday and sunday for business reasons and apparently all monday bank holidays have been changed to a sunday.

We werent told this in a meeting

23 Mar 2017 - Investigation time limit

Complaint made by customer about staff members "poor customer service", investigation not even mentioned/started till 3 weeks after alleged incident, is this acceptable ?
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