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08 Oct 2015 - Black Friday 2015

Do you think the steps we have put in place (closing stores 2hrs before, and limited number in) will prevent the scenes from last year or merely move the issue from the aisles to the car parks?

07 Oct 2015 - Our Tesco

I don't often read the Our Tesco site, today I realised why.....What a c@ck....

John Ashton • 7 hours ago

I feel some people have for gotten that a year ago the Tesco ship was sinking very fasted, and the other pirates were spending money on luxury Items Like a
 We were informed today that our store, which is an Extra, will close at midnight and reopen at 0600. We get a lot of theft and drunks during the night, so in the interests of protecting the staff, these closing and opening times come into effect on 16th November 2015. Is this happening in any other
i hope someone can answer or point my fellow union member in the direction of someone who can assist in clarifying the below:-

Member has been handed Seasonal working arrangements 2015/16 and is disagreeing with a manager, manager has put a personal day down for the 1st of Jan 2015 which
 I am becoming less and less happy at my work.

   The country is recovering and it's plain to see there is more money in the economy.   

 I scan the jobs pages each week for a more interesting or skilled position.

 Personally I don't really want
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