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05 Feb 2016 - Performance on cctv

A colleague I know is being monitored at work because they don't think their performance is up to scratch, is this allowed? It's like spying
I feel this forum is in need of such a thread if the moderators allow it.

Hopefully, it will be confined to posts apropos to the heading and would suggest that anything superfluous might be deleted in the interest of expediency. Some suggested lines of inquiry below, not exhaustive for ob

03 Feb 2016 - A name at H.O. Please

I am trying to help a co worker through a nasty bullying incident which happened over the xmas period. Nothing from HR at all so we are going to step up to H.O. Can anyone give me a name where we can send all the details?
on this site i read (and write) constantly about how hard done by we are. Is it always going to be the case that people come on here, have good whinge (a sort of VLH shoulder to cry on) and then go on about their business.

If so fine, it is what it is.

But surely the must be mo
From what I have heard today the essence of the pay deal for the next two years is that the basic rate is going up by 3.1%. This is funded by 1.5% from the company and 1.6% from my fellow workers who are losing some payments they enjoyed as a result of their current Contracts of Employment. This has
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