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23 Oct 2014 - help

Are there any union reps on here?

23 Oct 2014 - constructive dismissal

Sorry me again. Maybe I should be taking the constructive dismissal route. Or would I have to have put in a grievance first. I have been in contact with my union rep but I can't get hold of her at the moment and the union area manager wasn't very helpful.

23 Oct 2014 - grievance

Hi, I'm going to be handing my notice in but also taking a grievance out on someone which should I do first do you think. Tia
My SM has said today that he wants to make two separate 4 hour shifts into a single 9 hour shift (3pm - 12am) in our rota on a saturday as we get a double ambient delivery. When we said it'd be kinda pointless as the two 45 min breaks for that shift would have to be taken at the busiest times &
Was speaking to our security manger today, she was saying that in a few weeks time that if we bring any thing in to store that we had to prove we had purchesed it, and if we couldn't prove we had purchesed it that it would be confiscated until we could, any body else heard this. What rights do
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