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Today at 09:53 PM - Customer raffle

Our store for the last four weeks have been giving out free raffles to every customer, the value of these prizes has amounted to roughly £2'400, prizes are gift cards hudles and champagne, raffles are exclusive to our store.
This raffle is not advertised, is not bringing more customers in

Today at 01:10 PM - Holiday confusion.

Can someone please explain bank holiday entitlement and lieu days etc..
I am entitled to 25 holiday days have earned 19, taken 16 and have 9 remaining.
Bank holidays are, entitled to 8, earned 6 taken 0 so 8 remaining.
I have a 5 days booked of in Jan, 5 days booked off in March and

17 Dec 2014 - attacked at work

can anyone tell me if I have been attacked by a customer at work for asking them to leave the store and have suffered injury would I get sick pay if I don't have any

16 Dec 2014 - How are till users added

My manager is supposed to be setting me up with a supervisor number. They said it has to be done on F11 on the CSD tills, and their excuse for it taking so long it that they can't get on one of these tills. Is that right? How are new till logons set up and existing ones adjusted. I saw there is
I'm in Express.
A few weeks back, Manager asked all management team to work 12h shifts next week (Christmas week). We all said yes because it was so far in the future and the rota was drawn up, but I'm now changing my mind as there's simply no need in a store that only takes 45K
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