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Today at 06:49 PM - team leader job role

I was hoping anyone would have a description of the job role of a team leader. Anything really that would help me understand the role. I am going for an interview in London.
If the closing price today is 164.4 as shown on Our Tesco, isn't this the lowest closing price for over 10 years ?
I am no financial genius but this doesn't sound like the city has a high opinion of our turnaround....despite what
Drastic and the Groom of the Stool might think ..

23 Nov 2015 - News Cuts!


Just wanted to inform you about fresh cuts, that would be announced in January.
I have no idea what the business would cut back.

I have some sources in HO

Anyone know what is in our staff Christmas voucher booklets this year ? Cheers
1)  Should the staff concerned still be paid?

2)  Can they be made to work the hours back?
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