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Today at 01:56 PM - Policies For Our People


does anyone know where i can get a copy of the  Policies For Our People for myself.

thanks! (-*-)
Tesco are making some  "difficult decisions" at the moment with the current position were in. When are they going to finally over hall the drain that is dotcom. Everything seems to be moving online but it has to be viable and add to the company profit not reduce them.
What is the
Hello everyone. Have worked in express for 11 years. Have 6 bank hols and am not contracted for Mondays. Agreed to work this Monday. Assume that I will still be able to take the bank holiday on a different agreed date?
Thanks for advice.
Was crystal clear in old handbook but new one is l

28 Aug 2015 - Notice period

Curious to know the notice period of a Team Leader - is it one week?

Am I able to hand it my notice with immediate effect?

28 Aug 2015 - Mental Health

I am not going to go into the full story but upshot is my husband has been suffering from Depression and anxiety. He was off work for 5 months and returned to be told by the Store Manager that it was her opinion that he had not been suffering from Depression or anxiety over the last 3 years
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