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I'm trying to find a copy of the Bronze 1 through 8 question sheet for Know Your Stuff on Self Service Checkouts

Everyone in our store that works on self service has been given one of these to complete and return by the 29th.

I've started doing mine but ended up so an

15 Sep 2014 - Multi-Multiskilling

In my Right hours Right place meeting last year I chose multiskilling on slicing bread and P.I as I was told P.I alone wasn't enough to qualify.  I  already help do gapscan and I do shrink daily as well.  I've recently been told I have to multiskill on dotcom and the direct

13 Sep 2014 - Privilege card

Hi guys, I joined .com as a CDA on 7th of April. I been told I will get my previlage card after six months. When exactly would they issue me the card? Would that b on 7th of October. Or with my October payslip?


09 Sep 2014 - DVLA permission

We are being asked to sign forms which will allow Tesco to get all our information from DVLA and also allow third parties to also get our details.
Are we obliged to sign these or can we refuse?
Personally I don't like the idea that they could be able to just ask and get any informatio

09 Sep 2014 - NEW CEO, Casualty No1???

So Clubcard TV is going to close, is this the first slimming move by the new CEO? If so it seems to lay a marker down that emphasis is moving back to the core business. Hudl phone gone on the back burner too.
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